food review at So Pho

Last Sunday I tried out a Vietnamese restaurant called So Pho and it is amazing. I would highly recommend this restaurant when you want delicious Vietnamese food.  Most people tend to skip starters and go straight to their main course but when you eat at So Pho you have to have their starter. I tried two of their starters. The first starter i tried is called Summer Rolls With Grilled Beef & Grilled Chicken and the second starter i tried is called Mixed Appetisers. In my opinion i preferred the first starter as it had more meat to it and less rice compared to the second starter which was mostly vegetables and rice, I also think they were slightly bland but overall good. Then we went onto our main course. I had the Vietnamese Beef Fried Rice which was the best fried rice i have ever eaten in my life. It was so tasty and the flavour was just scrumptious and i could eat that all day long though i think i would get bored of it after a while but i think you guys get what i mean. Finally we got to my favourite part DESERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ordered the amazing the best the Mango Glutinous Rice. It is just too good to explain. At first i thought i was going to hate it but then my mum forced me to try it and it was great, it was so sweet and that was why i liked it otherwise i would have been like ewwww. So basically this blog post is telling you about me eating at So Pho which i know is not that interesting but you guys have to try this out if you have not and if you have tell me what is your favourite dish at So Pho is !                                 follow and like                                                                                                                                                     The Best Ever Blog 🙂


3 thoughts on “food review at So Pho

  1. SO good of you to blog about your dinner experience .. great pics .. all looks very tasty. Keep eating and blogging your way around Sinagpore and further afield.

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